From large hotels and building complexes to retail and residential projects, Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators are the ideal solution for a wide variety of commercial applications. In order to construct buildings that conserve energy and ensure an air-tight environment, natural ventilation is replaced by mechanical methods. In many cases, however, this has led to reduced indoor air quality, commonly referred to as “Sick building Syndrome”. Our advanced Lossnay systems extract the stale air and replace it with healthier, fresh air while preventing cross-contamination.

To bring in fresh outdoor air, often it needs to be pre-conditioned to room temperature which means adding to heating or cooling load. Lossnay, on the other hand, reduces the difference in both temperature and humidity between the exhaust air and fresh air by recovering energy from one air stream to the other through the special treated partition plate. This process treats the fresh outdoor air to be closer to indoor air condition which reduces the heating or cooling load and save you money.

Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators can be seamlessly integrated with our City Multi systems for the ultimate in indoor air quality and air comfort solutions.

Control & Configuration

  • Integrated control system – two non-polar communication wires are all you need to interlock Lossnay with City Multi indoor units
  • Versatile Operation – interlock up to 16 Lossnay and City Multi indoor units into a single control group, while each unit can be zoned and operated independently
  • A wide array of zone configurations and operational control groups can be set
  • Each group can be assigned to different operation zones to meet different demands